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AppleStick Media Group is four different companies coming together to create one powerhouse media organization.

The four companies are Arrival Video Producitons LLC, Arisen Media, LLC, Thunder Smoke, LLC and Weathspring LLC.

Arrival Video is the production company for the National PBS Show "Christina." It is currently the number one cooking show on cable television. The show is shot entirely in the city of Philadelphia.

In the Spring of 2013, Arrival Video's 2011 orientation video for the National Historic Site Graeme Park, won a Communicator Award and a Telly Award for excellence in a "Historical Biography."

Arrival Video Productions completed the historical documentary "The Battle of The Crooked Billet" in November 2009 with the Premiere in Valley Forge National Park. "The Battle of The Crooked Billet" was recognized by the Telly Awards for Excellence in a "Historical Biography" and Excellence in "Videography and Cinematography ."

Over one hundred actors and colonial re-enactors were used in the productionof "The Battle of The Crooked Billet". Arrival Video has a great working relationship with the re-enactment community.

In 2011, Arrival Video's promotional video, for the Friends of Washington Crossing of Washington Crossing Delaware, was used by the National Constitution Center for the Liberty Medal Ceremony for British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Arrival Video Productions has shot television pilots, commercials, and orientation videos for historic sites.

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